We specialize in designing interfaces, user-friendly experiences and meaningful software products.

With over 15 years of designing, architecting and developing enterprise software; there is no project too large for us to take on. From concept to launch, we have you covered.

PixelMii is a collaboration of talented and
experienced software professionals.

Our service offering spans from software architecture, visual design and development to
project management and business application consulting, all within the web and mobile application space.

Need an app or want to improve one

We combine our expertise in visual design, information architecture, psychology and good 'ol common sense to produce beautiful and highly usable apps your users will love.

Choosing the right technology is key

Our team of skilled engineers are proficient in modern technologies on a broad range of platforms. Web, mobile web and native mobile apps are our specialty.

It all starts with good design

In very competitive markets, design can make all the difference. Our team can deliver a user experience that will ensure your awesome product will stand out from the crowd.

Consulting from real experience

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes or an outside perspective can be a valuable asset when conceptualizing a new app build or overhaul of an existing product. We're here to help.

Streamlined app development lifecycle

Over the years we have evolved our agile methodologies to improve speed and efficiency in building great software.

Big data is no big deal

Do you need a solution that can handle very large data sets? No sweat, we have plenty of experience with "big data".

Make your app available with an API

There are lots of great "walled garden" apps out there, an API will give you the security you need but extensibility you require.

We play well with others

Our professional staff can seamlessly integrate into your projects

Often times we are asked to join projects that have already begun or we partner up with an existing team to assist with updating an application that is getting a little "long in the tooth". Rest assured that we understand the challenges of on-boarding new team members and will work hard to ensure a smooth transition. We are here to help.

Confidentiality is at our core

100% of our work is completed under a strict NDA and we will never take this lightly. Our "white-label" approach allows our clients the comfort of knowing their software products can be used or resold without the threat of duplication by our team. Any and all conflicts of interest will be made transparent immediately.

For all inquiries including new business, employment opportunities or to hear more about our services, please get in touch. We'd love to help you with your new awesome project.